Divine Help

Dr. Madhavrao K. Vaidya & Mrs. Vatsalatai M. Vaidya,
the Couple who devoted their lifetime eversince first day of their marriage, & never left KHI till their last day.
KHI respects them as father &mother of the institute.

 Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova from Unitarian Service Committee, Canada, was a contemporary social worker with Smt. Vatsala Vaidya. She was a international traveler, miraculously saved herself from the torture of Nazis in worldwarII. This prompted her to think, that God had saved her only to do some humanitarian service!
She migrated to Canada, and was working with Unitarian Service committee, Canada, who sent her to India. She got attached towards KHI’s work (she read about) and after coming to KHI, to help Dr. Hardiker and Dr. M. K. Vaidya, eventually was fascinated with their sagely simple living, dedicated selfless work, and service to the rural poor! She started with humble contribution of an ambulance from U.S.C., Canada for rescue and need of rural patients!
And she practiced coming to India and to KHI every year from Canada, for 20 continuous years together! She helped KHI not only with financial contributions, but also with valuable ideas and advices. Dr. Lotta and Smt. Vatsalatai are responsible for today’s socioeconomic development of rural women of Gokak Taluka!


Shri N. G. Ganpule, veteran freedom-fighter,who helped India’s independence in a unique way! He was for 35yrs living in Germany for his business/profession in various capacities. He helped Netaji Subhashchandra Bose with financial support to his Azad Hind Sena! In 1976 however, he closed all his business and came and settled in India, in Bangalore for few years and then on invitation from Dr. N. S. Hardikar, in KHI’s , since 1976!
He appreciated KHI’s philosophy of selfless service with a motto ‘service to humanity’ is service to God, and donated all his personal wealth to KHI objectives! He was the pioneer of KHI’s Akshay-Nidhi, and contributed first 5.00Lacs himself, which was a great amount in 1970. He was a magnificent man and lived till his last in KHI, always busy helping one worker another, without any expectation return!


Smt. Vatsala Madhav Vaidya, was a dedicated social worker, and had a ‘class’ of herself ! Working for education, health, and socioeconomic  welfare of rural women, since 1954 till her last in 1989, she had divine blessings of Dr. N. S. Hardiker and support from Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh, the then Chairperson of Central Social welfare Board, N. Delhi.
Started in 1954, as time passed, her work grew from sizes and dimentions! Vital unit of KHI. her work through 36 Mahila-Mandals, came under considered study and received praise from people to press! Her work was recognized by people on Taluka and then distance-level, through no. of felicitations she received all around! ‘Socialist India’ and a magazine dedicated to Rural Service covered her ‘story’!
She accomplished this, as a full-time volunteer, i.e. without any expectation of remuneration! Village Health Centers, Maternity Homes, Udyogkendras(vocational training), and women’s economic empowerment, were her contributions.



Shri. Purshottam   Bhogate, who lives in Pune, is 80th years of age today, but ceaselessly works for KHI as propagator of its philosophy! Every year, he would attend Annual day Functions in KHI (on Akshay trutiya Day) without fail!
He came here as TB patient and was cured by Dr. M.K. Vaidya’s expert advice and treatment, cool, calm, sweet-talking nature as cool and salubrious as Ghatprabha’s climate. Shri. Purshottam Bhogate really worshipped Dr. M.K. Vaidya as his elder brother and become patron member of KHI.
Shri. Bhogate wished to make a permanent help to KHI. So he sold all his property, Kept only a small place for his stay in Pune, and donated Rs. 1,00,000/- each For Hospital, Nursing school, as well as guest house in KHI. Not only this, he donated handsomely towards Akshay-Nidhi, so that KHI annually gets Rs. 30,000/- permanently for its medical services.


Some Indians abroad, have ‘INDIA’ in their hearts ….!

Settled outside India for family / business reasons though, they religiously worship their ‘Matrubhoomi’ (the Motherland) & solemnly perform their duties towards the Nation, where they are born!

Once such Gentleman, was reading “Story of KHI” published in the ‘Business India’, during the flight from Mumbai to London! So much he was engrossed & then involved, that the first thing he did after reaching his home in London, of phoning his intimate friend Shri Anil Kulkarni in Hindu Colony – Dadar, Mumbai, to tell him about the article.  This was Shri P.R. SHINDE, NRI settling down in U.K., where his only daughter (Gynecologist/Pediatrician) Dr. Samantha had married a Britisher Dr. James Fraser & settled in Bristol.  The SHINDE family & (Dr.) Mr. & Mrs. Fraser established ‘Rajaram & Laxmibai Shinde’ Charitable Trust.  The objectives were obviously to help Medical / Educational / Social cause in India.

Mr. P.R. Shinde was deeply impressed after reading the article on KHI published in Business India.  He and his Trustees had made up their mind and decided about sponsoring a project-donation to KHI! Therefore, he immediately asked his friend Shri Anil Kulkarni to get the detailed address / telephone numbers of KHI & talk to KHI / their representative personally in Mumbai to convey the intention.

But there was a small problem.  Being born-brought up in Maharashtra, he had earmarked Trust’s contribution for the State of Maharashtra.  But for KHI, Mr. Shinde amended the Trust Constitution & made of easier to forward the Donation to KHI.


And all this, without even visiting or asking Trust representative to visit & assess KHI! How this happened?

This was, thanks to sacred work of KHI’s forefathers & their blessings, which stimulated the vibrations of  Shri Shinde’s divine heart, full of love and compassion for his fellow-brethern from his Motherland India!

The first project with his help was FACILITIES CENTRE in front of General OPD! When he came to KHI for the first time in 2005 & after seeing the work here, assured full hearted help every year & followed the pursuit with OPHTHALMIC UNIT and BIO-CHEMISTRY LAB coming up in subsequent years 2006, 2007 and his daughter & Son-in-law also visited KHI in 2007!


And Our Donors from earliar Days

Mrs. Catharine Gurjar

Mr.Anant M.Gurjar

Mr.P.S. Ranganathachar
(Donates Rs.10,000/-Per year)