Institute Motto
  • We serve for-achieving Health Octave.  By health we mean Physical, Mental, Familial, Social, National, Moral, Spiritual and Financial well-being.
    We give best possible service at lowest cost.

  • Relief to suffering patients in the rural areas.

  • Bringing the latest in modern medicine and giving to the service of villagers specially the poor and down-trodden.

  • To utilize the strength of modern medicine as a spearhead for all round health and socio-economic progress of the villagers.

  • To make the villagers accept our ideas through psychological approaches.

  • Also to bring the progressive ideas within their financial reach.

  • To help them to replace wrong practices and notions with scientific thought.

  • While achieving these, KHI residents are the members of one HUF-‘Healthy United Family’- who are assured of food-independence.  Security & quality of life, under one shelter throughout, till the end!

  • ‘PRODUCE what you need, REDUCE what you don’t need!’
    (KHI’s life philosophy.)

Unique Features of K.H.I

It is a unique Rural Philanthropic Charitable Health Mission based on Gandhian Ideology and principles of trusteeship, which are being relentlessly followed for last 75 years, by KHI.

K.H.I believes in Health, in its wider sense, “Health Octave” which is a state of Balance in Physical, Mental, Familial, Social, National, Moral, Spiritual and Financial well-being of a person.

K.H.I has a self regulating culture, all work with a feeling of self sacrifice and selfless service with love and fellow feeling.  There is no master-servant relation and all live as family members and work with a sense of Duty, Devotion, Discipline and Dedication (the 4 D principles).

Staff is dedicated to the K.H.I. ideology and mission.  Hence there are no expenses on idle staff, relieving staff or supervisory staff.

K.H.I. does not depend on anyone for its routine services and maintenance.

All new development and equipment(s) come from donors.

Well wishers, Donors, Industrialists also the Government, have always extended help in growth of K.H.I.

212 acres campus with complete compound wall and the campus consists of 120 buildings, that include hospitals & wards, rest-houses / cottages, schools & hostels, staff quarters, other amenities / infrastructure.

It has its independent water supply, electricity and stand-by generators,   power-house, full-fledged workshop, post office and internal telephones.

Institute of Nursing is recognized by Indian Nursing Council and Karnatak Nursing Council, respectively by Central & State Governments.

K.H.I. is recognized by the Medical Council of India as a Post Graduate Housemanship Center after MBBS course.

Our motto is that patient should be charged minimum and he should not have to pay for staff allowances, electricity, infrastructure maintenance and addition of costly hi-tech modern medical gadgets.  He is expected to pay only for medicines at subsidized rates and actual materials used on his treatment and operations.