Our Hospital
  -Treats 60,000 patients per year in OPD .
-Serves 10,000 patients every year in IPD
-Performs 3,000 surgeris every year of abd ,chest ,ophthalmic , gynaec , emerjency & general
-About 2,500 deliveries every year in maternity hospital
-600 family planning oprations
-Advanced ,Laporoscope, Videoendoscope, Colonoscope

A Typical General Ward

 A 200 bed general hospital where patients are charged Rs. 35/- only per day for the General Ward.  Charges for neatly designed Special Wards range from Rs. 75/- to Rs. 150/- per day and charges for beautifully constructed family cottages vary from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 450/- only per day.

T.B. Sanatorium :  A 150 bed T.B. sanatorium, largest in South India and the Pioneering health complex of its kind and amongst the most well-maintained as up-to-date in the entire country.Seen In the picture is frontview of Sanatorium OPD

A 60 bed maternity-hospital which is free of costs as is the social objective of KHI right from its inception.  A Family Planning & Free Sterilisation. Programme is also undertaken with Aid from Central Government.

Typical ICU bed with snake bite patient being treated

Dental Department

Artificial Limb Manufacturing Center

Cottage in TB Sanatorium