Perspective - Future Plans

Image Plan of New Building

Indoor annex building with modern ICU, ICCU and operation theatre and special rooms.

Upgradation of present hospital with modernization of Pathological Laboratory, Radiology, Operation Theatre & Intensive Care Units.

Achievement of free treatment of poor patients to the extent of 50% (presently about 20% receive free indoor treatment every year)

Campus development with modern roads, water & electricity supply, sewage treatment plant, Incinerator, Bal-Bhavan, Health, Education, Museum etc.

Plans to construct a 300KW Hydel Power station on Gokak canal 4km from the hospital, for continuous stable and reliable power supply.

Site for proposed Mini Hydel Projects

Installed capacity 1*250KW
Power plant civil works Rs. 65 lacs
Electric Mechanical Equipment  Rs. 110 lacs
Other Direct & Indirect costs Rs. 29 lacs
Total project cost  Rs. 240 lacs ($ 5,00,00/-)
Cost per KW installed Rs. 81,600/-
Total project cost Rs. 250 lacs (US $ 6,00,000)
Interest During Construction (IDC) Cost per KW installed including IDC  Rs. 88,204/-
Annual Generation  0.93 Mu
Net Annual Generation  0.84 Mu
Generation Cost (with KHI’s
Contribution @ 25% & Donations /
Grants @ 25% of Project Cost
Rs. 3.52/KW/HR


The power requirement of KHI is mainly met by supply from Karnataka Electricity Board (KEB).  The present peak load of all facilities of KHI is around 339 kW.  KHI also have two diesel generation sets of 100 kVA and 75 kVA capacity, which are put to use either when KEB supply is not available or when there are imposed power cuts.  With the addition of new facilities, the total demand of KHI is expected to rise further.  In order to meet the ever increasing energy demand, KHI has decided to set up mini hydel schemes.

KHI has identified two mini hydel schemes in the initial 5km reach of Gokak canal, which is a branch of Ghataprabha Left Bank Canal (GLBC).  These schemes are located in the vicinity of KHI (refer Exhibit-1) and have an estimated combined power potential of about 500 kW.  Scheme-1 is located at ch. 4.1 km of Gokak canal and Scheme-2 will be located near the canal head works on GLBC.  KHI has already taken up the matter with Irrigation Department (ID) and Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd., (KREDL) and represented to Government of Karnataka seeking allotment of the mini hydel schemes on the Gokak canal to KHI.  Government of Karnataka has allotted the mini hydel scheme between 4km & 5km reach of Gokak cananl (i.e., Scheme-1) to KHI, vide Government Order No. DE 107 NCE 97, Bangalore .  A KHI has approached Tata Consulting Enginnrs (TCE) for the preperation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on Gokak Canal Mini Hydel Scheme-1, which KHI propose to take up early.  Considering the social and charitable activities being carried out by KHI, TCE have offered their services for the preparation of DPR.